Bisherige Preisträger*innen des Jürgen Bierich Preises

  • 2023: Dr. med. Henrike Hörmann, Düsseldorf
    "Association of Fetal Catecholamines with Neonatal Hypoglycemia: A Prospective Cohort Study"
  • 2023: Dr. med. Sebastian Gippert, Heidelberg
    "Copeptin based diagnosis of central diabetes insipidus in children and adolescents"
  • 2022: keine Vergabe
  • 2021: Dr. med. Isabel Mönig, Lübeck / Dr. med. Julia Hoppmann, Lübeck
    "Pubertal development in 46,XY patients with NR5A1 mutations"
  • 2021: Dr. med. Sandra Schulte, Bonn
    "Influence of prenatal environment on androgen steroid metabolism in monozygotic 1 twins with birthweight differences"
  • 2019: Klinisch: PD Dr. med. Heike Hoyer-Kuhn, Köln
    "Individualized treatment with Denosumab in Children with Osteogenesis imperfecta – follow up of a trial cohort"
  • 2019: Experimentell: Dr. med. Inga Bae-Gartz, Köln
    "Maternal Obesity Alters Neurotrophin-Associated MAPK Signaling in the Hypothalamus of Male Mouse Offspring"
  • 2018: Dr. med. Dr. nat. med. Eva Hucklenbruch-Rother, Köln
    "Delivery room skin-to-skin contact in preterm infants affects long-term expression of stress response genes – a randomized clinical trial"
  • 2017: Dr. biol.hum. Nicole Prinz, Ulm
    "Trajectories of body mass index from childhood to young adulthood reveal six distinct patterns among type 1 diabetes patients - a longitudinal group-based modeling approach from the DPV registry"
  • 2017: Miguel Angel Alejandre Alcázar, M.D., Ph.D., Köln
    "Renal Metabolic Programming is Linked to the Dynamic Regulation of a Leptin-Klf15 Axis and Akt/AMPKα Signaling in Male Offspring of Obese Dams"
  • 2016: Dr. Denise Rockstroh-Lippold, Ph.D., Leipzig
    "Dominant-Negative STAT5B Mutation Expands the Clinical Spectrum of STAT5B Deficiency"
  • 2016: Dr. Susanne Thiele-Schmitz, Lübeck
    "From Pseudohypoparathyroidism to inactivating PTH/PTHrP Signalling Disorder (iPPSD), classification proposed by the European EuroPHP-network"
  • 2015: Dr. Kathrin Landgraf, Leipzig
    "TMEM18 is a regulator of adipogenesis and involved in PPARG signalling in vivo"
  • 2015: Dr. Hoffmann, Homburg/Saar
    "Down syndrome: Gestational age-related neonatal anthropometrics for Germany"
  • 2014: Deimantė Simaite Berlin
    "PCBD1 and diabetes: a novel player with direct implications for Therapy"
  • 2014: Prof. Dr. Müller, Oldenburg
    "Diencephalic syndrome in childhood craniopharyngioma – Results of German multicentre studies on 485 long-term survivors of childhood craniopharyngioma"
  • 2013: Keine Preisvergabe
  • 2012: Frau PD Dr. rer.nat. Pamela Fischer-Posovszky, Ulm
    "TRAIL (TNF Related Apoptosis Inducing Ligand) regulates human adipocyte metabolism by caspasemediated cleavage of PPARgamma"
  • 2011: Herr Dr. Oliver Semler, Köln
    "Exome Sequencing Identifies Truncating Mutations in Human SERPINF1 in Autosomal-Recessive Osteogenesis Imperfecta Herr Clemens Kamrath, Giessen Increased activation of the backdoor pathway in patients with 21-hydroxylase deficiency: evidence from urinary steroid metabolomics"
  • 2010: Frau Isabell Wagner, Kiel
    "Cannabinoid Type 1 Receptor mediates Depot-Specific Effects on Differention, Inflammation and Oxidative Metabolism in Inguinal and Epididymal White Adipocytes"
  • 2010: Frau Dr. Julia Rohayem, Dresden
    "Diabetes mellitus and neurodegenerative Disease in Wolfram Syndrome (DIDMOAD): A multicentric longitudinal Study of Phenotype and Genotype"
  • 2009: Herr Tassilo Kruis, Leipzig
    "Heterozygous mutation within a kinase-conserved motif of the insulin-1 like growth factor receptor (IGF1R) causes intrauterine and postnatal growth retardation"
  • 2009: Herr Dr. med. David Martin, Tübingen
    "Prediction of adult height based on automated determination of bone age“
  • 2008: keine Preisvergabe
  • 2007: Frau Dr. Susanne Bechtold-Dalla Pozza, München
    "Growth hormone increases final height in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: Data from a randomized controlled study"
  • 2007: Frau Dr. med. Daniela Kiepe, Heidelberg
    "Signaling Mechanisms Leading to Regulation of Proliferation and Differentiation of the Mesenchymal Chondrogenic Cell Line RCJ3.1C5.18 in ; Response to IGF-I"
  • 2006: Frau PD Dr. med. Sabine Heger
    "Leipzig EAP1, a new transcriptional regulator of the mammalian neuroendocrine reproductive axis"
  • 2006: Herr Dr. med. David Martin, Tübingen
    "Growth hormone induced changes in insulin resistance in relation to concomitant changes in fat and muscle mass in short children with growth hormone deficiency and born small for gestational age"
  • 2005: Herr PD Dr. med. Heiko Krude, Berlin
    "A role for beta-melanocyte stimulating hormone in human body weight regulation Herr Dr. med. Roland Schweizer, Tübingen Growth hormone improves bone strength in prepubertal short children born small for gestational age (SGA) and children with growth hormon deficiency (GHD)"
  • 2004: Frau Dr. med. Antje Böttner, Leipzig
    "Adiponectin Expression in Humans is Dependent on Differentiation of Adipocytes and Down-Regulated by Humoral Serum Components Herr Dr. med. Oliver Fricke Speed of sound – relationship to geometrical characteristics of bone in children, adolescents and adults"
  • 2003: Frau Dr. med. Bettina Gohlke, Bonn
    "Cord blood IGF-I, IGF-II, IGFBP-2, Leptin, and Ghrelin in correlation to birth weight difference and postnatal growth in monozygotic twins."
  • 2003: Herr Dr. med. Joachim Wölfle, Bonn
    "Mechanisms of Growth Hormone Action: Indentification of a GH Response Element that Mediates GH-Induced Insulin-like Growth Factor-I Gene Activation"
  • 2002: Herr PD Dr. med. Paul-Martin Holterhus, Lübeck
    "Differential gene transcription patterns in genital fibroblasts of normal males and 46, XY-females with androgen insensitivity syndrome – evidence for early programming involving androgen receptor"
  • 2002: Herr PD Dr. med. Christian Roth, Bonn
    "Pituitary and gonadal effects of GnRH- (gonadotropin releasing hormone) analogues in two female rat models"
  • 2001: Herr PD Dr. med. Stefan Wudy, Gießen
    "Determination of 11-Deoxycortisol (Reichstein´s Compound S) in Human Plasma by Clinical Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry Using Benchtop Gas Chromatography-Mass Selective Detection"
  • 2001: Herr PD Dr. med. Joachim Pohlenz, Mainz
    "A heterozygous mutation of the thyroid transcription factor 1 gene produces a predominantly neurological defect in man and in mice"
  • 2000: Frau Dr. med. Elke Wühl, Heidelberg
    "Effect of Recombinant Growth Hormone Treatment on Adult Height of Children with Chronic Renal Failure"
  • 1999: Herr Dr. med. Gerhard Binder, Tübingen
    "Identification of Short Stature Caused by SHOX Defects and Therapeutic Effect of Recombinant Human Growth Hormone"
  • 1999: Herr Dr. med. Jörg Dötsch, Erlangen
    "Leptin and neuropeptide Y gene-expression in human placenta:.."
  • 1998: Herr Dr. Martin Elmlinger, Tübingen
    "Erhöhung der biologischen Aktivität von Insulin-ähnlichen Wachstumsfaktoren (IGF) in der Muttermilch..."
  • 1997: Herr Dr. Dr. med. Hartmut A. Wollmann, Tübingen
    "Insulin-ähnliche Wachstumsfaktoren und ihre Bindungsproteine bei frühgeborenen Kindern..."
  • 1996: Herr Dr. med. Norbert Albers, Bonn
    "Synchronisierte Hormonsekretion von Wachstrumshormon, Luteinisierendem Hormon und Prolaktin..."
  • 1996: Herr Dr. med. Christian Jux, Heidelberg
    "Growth Hormone counteracts dexamethasone impaired chondrocytes"
  • 1995: Herr Dr. med. Christian J. Strasburger, München
    "Immunofunctional Assay of hGH in Serum..."
  • 1994: Herr Dr. med. Dieter Haffner, Heidelberg
    "Metabolic clearance of rhGH in health and chronic renal failure"